Beneath the Shadows of Regret

In the Depths of My Regret Within the shadows of a broken bond, Where echoes of pain and guilt respond, I wander through the depths of my regret, Burdened by a heart that can't forget. A symphony of sorrow, haunting and deep, Resounds within, a melody I keep. For I have hurt, caused wounds to hearts, Tearing apart what love once deemed its parts. The pain I bear, a heavy burden's weight, A consequence of choices made too late. In moments of reflection, I am lost, Drowning in a sea of anguish, tempest-tossed. I question if I'm worthy of love's embrace, If I deserve affection, solace, grace. For the scars I've left upon a tender soul, Are reminders of a love I failed to hold. But deep within this chasm of despair, A flicker of hope, a whisper, a prayer. For wounds can heal, and hearts can mend, And in forgiveness, redemption finds its end. So I'll face my demons, confront the pain, Seeking redemption through tears like rain. And though I feel unworthy, undeserving, I'll strive to learn, to grow, to keep on serving. For love's a journey, fraught with twists and turns, Where lessons learned, and bridges burned, Can shape a soul, transform a heart, And lead to healing, a brand new start. So let me rise above this darkened haze, Embrace the light, in love's forgiving gaze. For though I've faltered, stumbled, and cried, Hope whispers softly, I can still be sanctified.

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Serena (SerenaTori) (ShadowWolf)

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