Embers at Sea: A Journey of Healing and Hope

In the wake of love's bitter farewell, I carry the ache, a story to tell. Three years, a tapestry now undone, Left adrift, searching for the sun. Lost at sea, amidst the waves I roam, In the vast expanse, feeling all alone. The pain lingers, a haunting refrain, Yet within, a flame begins to regain. A subtle flicker, a spark taking hold, A glimmer of hope, as stories unfold. But in this vast ocean of unknown, I wonder if love's seed has been sown. I tread with caution, wary of the deep, Guarding my heart, secrets to keep. Though the scars remind of battles past, A new chapter emerges, uncertain, yet vast. The pain, a reminder of lessons learned, Strength and resilience deeply earned. For amidst the darkness, hope starts to rise, Kindling a fire, a quiet surprise. No longer tethered to the one who's gone, I embark on a journey, forging on. With time as my compass, I navigate, Hoping love's whispers will resonate. I carry the pain, but let hope guide my way, Seeking a love that won't lead astray. In this vast sea, where destinies align, Perhaps a new love story will intertwine.

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Serena (SerenaTori) (ShadowWolf)

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