Embrace of Love's Sanctuary

In the realm of new love, a tale begins to unfold, Where hearts entwine, emotions untold, In her arms, a sanctuary I find, A haven of safety, where love's rays shine. No matter the moments we choose to share, Whether in laughter or silence, anywhere, Every second spent, my heart is alight, For with her, even the simplest feels right. In her embrace, I'm cradled, sheltered, secure, A fortress of love, both gentle and pure, Her touch, a balm that eases my fears, A symphony of tenderness, wiping away tears. With her, I feel cherished, my soul set free, A love so profound, yet so beautifully easy, In the quiet spaces, where words find rest, I am seen, understood, my heart truly blessed. Time dissolves as we revel in togetherness, No need for grand gestures, nor worldly excess, For the treasure lies in moments, big and small, Wrapped in love's embrace, we have it all. In her arms, the world seems to fade, As worries and troubles find their shade, A sanctuary where vulnerability thrives, Love's sanctuary where our souls arrive. So, let us cherish this new love's bloom, Embracing the tenderness, banishing gloom, For in her arms, I find solace and bliss, A love so divine, a journey I don't want to miss.

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Serena (SerenaTori) (ShadowWolf)

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