Fragments of Longing: A Journey Toward Self-Love

In the stillness of the night, she weeps, A girl with a heart so tender, so deep. Tears cascade down her cheeks, unbidden, As she grapples with love's wounds still hidden. Her pillow bears witness to her sorrow, Absorbing the weight of her tears that flow. For in the depths of her being, she yearns, To find someone who truly discerns. A massive rejection lingers in her soul, Leaving scars, an ache that takes its toll. She longs for arms that would hold her tight, A love that would chase away the darkest night. In the quiet darkness, she contemplates, The echoes of love, the scars it creates. Her heart aches for the embrace she craves, A safe haven where her love freely behaves. Body dysmorphia, a cruel companion, Distorting her vision, causing erosion. She battles the mirror's relentless lies, Searching for beauty within her own eyes. Her reflection tells a tale of despair, But within her, a spirit tries to repair. She yearns to embrace herself with grace, To find solace in her own loving embrace. In moments of doubt, she questions her worth, Searching for validation, a sense of rebirth. But deep within, a strength perseveres, A flicker of light amidst her darkest fears. For she is a masterpiece, beautifully flawed, A canvas of stories, with scars yet untold. Her heart holds a love so vast and grand, Yearning to spill forth, seeking to expand. In her vulnerability lies a quiet power, A resilience that blooms, like a wildflower. She's a symphony of strength and fragility, A testament to the human capacity for resilience. And as she navigates this intricate dance, May she find healing, a newfound chance. To embrace herself, body and soul, To love fiercely, feeling completely whole. For the day will come, when she'll awaken, To a love that mends, a love unshaken. A love that sees her, beyond any disguise, A love that wipes away the tears from her eyes. So, let her cry when the darkness prevails, For tears are a part of the healing trails. And in the depths of her longing and pain, May she find solace, her own love to regain.

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Serena (SerenaTori) (ShadowWolf)

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