In the depths of my reflection, I find a battle unseen, Body dysmorphia, a relentless force within me. A silent storm rages, tearing at my soul, Leaving scars of anguish that refuse to console. I stand before the mirror, but what do I see? A distorted image, a stranger staring back at me. The whispers of insecurity cloud my weary mind, Convincing me that love and acceptance I'll never find. Fear takes hold, gripping my fragile heart, Whispering doubts, tearing me apart. Will anyone truly see beyond my flawed facade? Or will they turn away, leaving me forever marred? I yearn for connection, a love that's pure and true, But body dysmorphia whispers, “No one will want you.” It paints a picture of inadequacy, an illusion of my worth, Leaving me to believe I'm not good relationship material from birth. But listen closely, dear wounded heart of mine, For there's a truth that transcends this paradigm. Love knows no boundaries, nor physical perfection, It sees the beauty within, defying all preconception. For those who truly understand the depth of human grace, Will see past the mirror and cherish every trace. They'll embrace the scars, both seen and unseen, And love the soul that hides behind the self you've been. So, let us rise, conquerors of our own reflection, Embrace the journey of self-love and affection. Together we'll defy the chains that seek to confine, For within our hearts, a love story will intertwine. No longer shall body dysmorphia hold us in its sway, We'll reclaim our worth and illuminate our own way. For we are more than flesh, more than meets the eye, And love will find us, no matter how we cry. So, fear not, dear soul, for you are worthy of love, A treasure to be cherished, shining from above. Embrace your journey, let your beauty radiate through, And watch as love embraces you, just as you are, true.

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Serena (SerenaTori) (ShadowWolf)

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