“Unveiling Beauty: A Love Yet Unseen”

In the depths of her being, beauty resides, A radiant soul where light gently glides, Her spirit aglow with a vibrant hue, A blossoming essence, both tender and true. She holds within her a love yet unseen, A treasure awaiting, a love so serene, For she has a heart that's ready to share, With someone special, when she's willing to dare. Her beauty transcends what eyes can behold, A warmth that can melt even winters so cold, Her laughter like music, a melody sweet, She radiates love with every heartbeat. In her gentle touch, there's a healing balm, A tenderness that soothes, bringing peace and calm, She carries within her a love that's pure, With depth and compassion that will endure. Though she may be cautious, keeping love at bay, I see the fire within, waiting to ignite one day, For when she finds that person, patient and kind, Her love will blossom, an eternal bind. In the moment she's ready, love will come alive, Her heart will take flight, soaring and dive, She'll paint love's canvas with colors divine, Creating a masterpiece, so beautifully fine. Her love will envelop, like a warm summer breeze, Bringing joy and solace, a sweet sense of ease, For she has a love that's destined to be, A gift she'll offer when her soul feels free. So let her embrace the journey, at her own pace, Unveiling her love with elegance and grace, For when the time is right, she'll find her way, And love's symphony will dance and play. In her own time, she'll share her love's art, Captivating the one who captures her heart, And they'll bask in the light of her spirit so bright, Together, weaving love's tapestry, day and night. For she carries within her the power to ignite, A love so profound, burning fierce and bright, And when she's ready, love will surely be, An extraordinary gift for all to see.

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Serena (SerenaTori) (ShadowWolf)

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